Terms of use

1. Direct linking of our smiley's is permitted for:

  • Forum postings
  • Blog postings
  • Guest books
  • Greeting cards
  • E-mails and other messages
  • shout boxes**
  • chat

2. Forbidden actions

  • Directly linking to our smiley's as part of your forum software (unique to forum owners)
    It means if you operate a forum and you would like to make the smiley's of 4smileys.com available to your users (e.g. in a shout box), then you have to store the smiley's on your own web space. This is also necessary if you want to use our smiley's as part of your website or forum design. If you don't have your own web space we recommend you try the following image hosts.
  • Forum posts with hundreds of smiley's
  • The use of our smiley's as elements of your website or forum design or to build your own smiley page
  • To copy complete webpages or to include them in a frame on your websites
  • **If you are using a shout box and you would like to include smiley's of 4smileys.com you have to store them on your own web space or an image host. To include the smiley's directly from the 4smileys.com webspace is prohibited. The reason is very simple. Every time a webpage is using the smiley's directly from our webspace it is increasing our amount of data traffic although 4smileys.com was not visited. Because of this you have to download the smiley's you would like to use for your own websites and store them on your own webspace. You can also use a free image host to store the smiley's. Then you can integrate them into your websites as a link to the image location of your image host.


Example http://www.imageshack.us

To download a smiley, right-click on it and select "Save image/picture as..." .You can then save it to a location on your local machine.

3. Restrictions

If you contravene our rules we reserve the right to prohibit the ability to display the smiley's directly on your websites. If the use of our smiley's is exceptionally high on any single website in comparison to the average we will prohibit the display of our smiley's for the domain or parts of the website.

4. Availability

There is no claim for permanent availability of the smiley's or the websites of 4smileys.com

5. Application of the terms of use

By using the contents of 4smileys.com you agree to the terms of use.